The Asset Management Blockchain

The native Blockchain of the InventoryClub Ecosystem. Built to manage assets, transactional data and smart contracts.

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Powering Our Ecosystem

Our InventoryVault Blockchain provides our ecosystem with trustless and transparent data so you see what we see.


Our Peer-to-Peer inventory finance marketplace uses InventoryVault to manage user data, track sales transactions and review KPIs.


Our inventory management solution uses InventoryVault to capture the lifecycle of an asset once it arrives at our warehouse until dispatched.


Our e-commerce marketplace uses InventoryVault to manage InventoryClub merchant stores, customer purchases and accounts.

Smart Contracts

Inventory Finance Agreement (IFA) uses InventoryVault to enforce the terms of InventoryClub merchant and member agreements.

This is just the beginning of the Commonwealth Digital Trade Revolution and the InventoryVault blockchain is positioned to play a major role. We have a road map of features rolling out over the coming months including access to the Vault so join our mailing list and be the first to learn about our latest developments and release dates.

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